07/28/15 10:48am
Hang out with the rest of these beer and wine lovers, since you're one. via Tap + Cork

Hang out with the rest of these beer and wine lovers, since you’re one. via Tap + Cork

It used to be someone who made their whole life around the enjoyment of beer and wine was called “a drunk.” These days though, society has grown up, so now we call these people “snobs” or “Brooklynites,” and there are plenty of events that cater to their (your/our) tastes. One of the best events catering to lovers of beer and wine is the Brooklyn Beer and Wine Festival, which is returning to the Bed-Stuy Restoration Plaza in August for a third straight year of a full day of sampling the best local beer and wine the borough has to offer. Or actually, two days this year, as there’s a first day that’s shrouded in secrecy. (more…)

07/22/15 11:00am
Just in case you were worried Out in the Streets wouldn't be weird enough, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt will be there.

Just in case you were worried Out in the Streets wouldn’t be weird enough, The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt will be there.

We’re pretty deep into the summer, but that doesn’t mean we’re out of summer music festival season. For instance, witness the just-concluded Prospect Heights Musical Festival. Or, looking forward, we’ve still got Out in the Streets in front of us in August. We were excited for it just on principle, but now that we’ve seen the lineup, headed up by the likes of Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Wild Yaks and Total Slacker, we’re even more excited. (more…)

07/20/15 2:52pm
Nah man, come on, this isn't a fucking western. Photos by Sam Corbin

Nah man, come on, this isn’t a fucking western. Photos by Sam Corbin

Hey, you there. On your horse. I have every respect for the equestrian arts, but you need to get out of the bike lane. I’ve seen you three times this week already, coming down Franklin Avenue in Bed-Stuy. That’s a narrow lane you’re taking up. Bikes are already fighting for legitimacy on the road. (more…)

07/06/15 1:23pm
Missing the grill to pull off your gangster grill look? Well someone has found those for you. Screenshot via YouTube

Missing the grill to pull off your gangster grill look? Well someone has found those for you. Screenshot via YouTube

Have you noticed that your mouth has been non-disco ball like lately? Is the temperature of your mouth much higher now that the ice keeping your breath cool has gone missing? Well, lucky for you aspiring rapper and/or jewelry maker, a good Samaritan has not only found your grillz, but has put up flyers all over the Bedford-Nostrand G train stop in the hopes of returning them to you. According to DNAinfo, the flyers have been  up since June 30th, with the finder of the grillz leaving an e-mail address (Grillzfinder [AT] gmail.com) so you can become reunited with your jewelry and once again “have more ice than Michelle Kwan.” (more…)

Just tell everyone you caught a mermaid. via Instagram

Just tell everyone you caught a mermaid. via Instagram

We’re super bummed to see Shwick Market closing. The organizers were genuine, they hired Richard Burroughs (of Dick & Dave fame) every weekend for their musical needs, participated in Bushwick Open Studios and the goods were a cornucopia of strange, random, delicious and useful. But now they’re closing, and part of that involves trimming the fat by selling off a bunch of stuff they don’t need anymore.

Don’t think of it as a yard sale, consider this a fundraiser as the organizers affable Christopher Carew and his wife are looking for another venue to keep the market of makers alive. Help jumpstart their relaunch by buying the random trappings of a Brooklyn-born flea market. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate, because we can’t imagine this stuff will be available all that long. Shwick’s Facebook page has a list of what they’re selling off, but we picked our favorite things we think you should grab at their closing sale, like a mermaid cutout, a Ms. Pac-Man machine and even a bouncy castle: (more…)

06/23/15 3:03pm

One minute you’re here, the next you’re gone. via Facebook

Summer flea market shopping season feels like it’s just kicked off, but there’s one market that you won’t be able to throw your hard-earned/easily-inherited dollars at any more. After just under a year of existence, Bushwick’s Shwick Market threw in the towel this past weekend. Were they bullied out by newcomer the Bushwick Flea? Nope, it sounds like just a case of the economics not adding up. Although the founder isn’t leaving without critiquing the spending habits of Bushwickians. Bushwickites? Bushwickers? Whatever. (more…)

06/23/15 2:06pm
Oh yeah, that's the stuff

Oh yeah, that’s the stuff

Ah The Room, that legendary, baffling disaster of a movie that became a cult classic thanks to long slow pans of the Golden Gate Bridge, the unplaceable accent of its star/director/writer Tommy Wiseau, the most uncomfortable sex scene ever recorded and the immortal delivery of the line “You are tearing me apart, Lisa!” Of course it’s fun to watch the movie with a crew of Room-iacs, but Bushwick theatre troupe Title:Point is bringing the accents, the spoons and the classic story of betrayal off the silver screen and onto the stage with a free performance of The Room at the Silent Barn next month. (more…)

06/22/15 12:46pm
Jarobi White-A Tribe Called Quest-Tribe Taco Tuesday-Bed Vyne-Bedstuy-Brooklyn-Brokelyn

Doesn’t eat “Ham n’ Eggs” but loves tacos. Facebook image via Izzy Man

We are being spoiled when it comes to food options this summer. We got Feltman’s bringing $2 hot dogs to Ditmas Park every Wednesday; Joe’s Pizza coming to Williamsburg and now, every other Tuesday, Jarobi White, former member of A Tribe Called Quest, will grilling tacos in Bed-Vyne Cocktail’s new outdoor space. According to DNAinfo “Tribe Taco Tuesdays” will have the former ACTQ member turned chef serving up a “variety of tacos every other week with favorites like carne asada, pork belly, chicken and cod.” (more…)

06/18/15 10:41am
late night basement

They’re moving up out of the basement and want to celebrate with you. via Facebook

It seems like only yesterday that Late Night Basement, Bushwick’s live monthly late night show, was a well-kept secret, despite drawing good guests and having funny segments. Well, all that’s over now. The secret is out that this is a great way to spend an evening, and the back room of the Pine Box Rock Shop has been packed sardine tight, to the point that even showing up a half hour before the show starts doesn’t guarantee you a seat.

So, having outgrown this home, Late Night Basement is moving a few blocks away to the Livestream building at 195 Morgan Avenue for their show this Friday. They’re so happy about the move that they want to give some select readers of Brokelyn free beer in celebration. Now this is how you host an audience. (more…)

06/16/15 2:06pm
Coming soon to Bushwick

Coming soon to Bushwick

Well here is strange and exciting news: Sleater-Kinney have officially announced new tour dates, which include December stops at the Kings Theatre, Terminal 5, Irving Plaza, the Music Hall of Williamsburg, and, improbably, the shuttered-but-reopening Market Hotel in Bushwick. We do not know why or how that last one happened, but we are not complaining. (more…)