Approximate size of subway bedbugs. via Flicker user bee721

Now, again, we’re not here to gloat when we talk about how New York hasn’t defeated the bedbug menace and never will. We can’t help taking a bit of an itchy victory lap though, now that we’ve got the news from Business Insider that a third damn train line (the 5 also had a bedbug sighting) is crawling with bloodsuckers. And we don’t mean lawyers, ho ho! Seriously though, the 7 train had the creepiest report yet of bedbugs on a train car, so it’s clear that they’ve conquered the subway.

Business Insider spoke to a commuter who said that his trip on the 7 train got an extra dose of horror yesterday when he happened to see bedbugs crawling out from under the seats to feed on people’s legs. Yeah, just let that sink in, and then once you’re done screaming or weeping at your desk, plan an alternate route home maybe. A bike is a good idea. Well, except you might get targeted by an overzealous cop. Maybe just walk, it’s nice out.

In the mean time, don’t forget that Brokelyn has both an anti-bedbug shopping guide and a guide on what to do if you unfortunately pick up some of the bastards. Is there any good news here? Well, yes actually. Think of how funny it would be if any of the DNC delegates or New York politicians kissing their butts picked up bedbugs on their subway ride earlier this week.

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  1. If the justice scales of my bitter/sweet departure were at an even keel up ’til today, I think this just tipped ’em. YIKES.

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