Bars We Love! is an ongoing feature in which we highlight the bars from the 2013 Brokelyn Beer Books. We chose these spots not just for their knockout beer selections, or their weird collections of niche memorabilia, but because in a city of reclaimed-wood-this and speakeasy–inspired-that, we actually have something different to say about them, and we think you should know.

24 St. Nicholas Ave., at Troutman St.
(646) 924-8488

What is it: A Spanish-inspired beer and wine bar with 14 sophisticated drafts – 12 beer and 2 wine (yes, wine!) – and a nightly menu featuring fresh cut charcuterie, cheese and melty, grilled sandwiches.

Why we love it: In addition to the seriously delicious sandwiches, at Bodega you can actually sit down and enjoy your beer without distraction from nearby Morgantown’s raucous foot traffic.

Who to bring: This is one of the best date bars in Bushwick and by date, we mean a place where you can have a conversation with someone. It’s no one-percenter’s lair, but it’s nice to pony up to a bar without needing a Zamboni to clear that cheese doodle dust. The bar is also one of the more parent-friendly spots in the neighborhood. Just tell the the kids to leave their cheese doodles at home.

What to order: Mother f-ing grilled cheese and a glass of Lambrusco.

Bodega fun fact: They do great screenings of NEW movies on Tuesdays and also host occasional storytelling nights. See the website for details.

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  1. Yes! And they’ve got chocolate to go with the wine! If that’s not a great date bar combo, I don’t know what is.

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