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governors island

It’s ready for you. Are you ready for it? via Facebook

Governors Island used to feel like a New York secret, but it was a tough secret to keep. Though we may miss the days where it felt like we’d stumbled upon an overgrown idyll that fulfilled childhood dreams of having our own island, it’s time to admit that the Island is all grown up — and ready to host the masses of visitors expected to grace its shores this summer.

The city’s revamped star island opens to the public again on May 24th, and will now be open seven days a week, building on its weekend popularity from the last few years. Unless you catch a 10am or 11am ferry on weekends, the formerly free ferry is now $2, both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The Brooklyn ferry from Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 6 will only be running weekends, Memorial Day and Labor Day, but the ferry from the Battery Maritime Building in Manhattan will ship put seven days a week. As usual, thefull list of events is extensive and includes offerings for kids, theatre buffs, art lovers, dance enthusiasts and the rest of us normal people. (more…)

brooklyn night bazaar

What will you find at the Brooklyn Night Bazaar? Photo by Sarah Gainer

If you’ve been looking forward to the second iteration of the Brooklyn Night Bazaar (165 Banker Street), you’re not alone. The event this year is markedly different from the Bazaar we experienced last year, and sponsored by manifold companies such as Uber, Perrier, Puma, Gothamist, Modelo, and more. As with most successful first-year events, some changes were made for the second year’s event. Here’s a rundown of the good and the not so good: (more…)

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Here's what you'll be up against if you enter Crest's pumpkin carving contest. via Crest Hardware

Here’s what you’ll be up against if you enter Crest’s pumpkin carving contest. via Crest Hardware

Every year as Halloween sneaks up, I feel blindsided by my time-sensitive inability to find plans I’m excited about for the Big Night. Halloween seems to validate its overrated place in the holiday pantheon every year, but 2013 will be different! No more noobs puking on my shoes or cramped, terrible parties where I get crushed between a drunk slutty nurse and a guy in a homemade Rubik’s cube costume who is really regretting his decision.

No! This year, my friends, I seek to get back to the basics: Pumpkins. Horror. Costumes. Monsters. Awesome people. PRIZES. Take a gander at your options for a fun, entertaining, and memorable All Hallow’s Eve: (more…)

Soon those see through fake people will be real people

Soon those see through fake people will be real people

As we slowly but inevitably admit to ourselves that summer is coming to an end, we should at least have something to look forward to in the Tundra that will follow. Come mid-December, both McCarren Park and Prospect Park will open ice-skating rinks for our leisure and severe butt bruises. McCarren’s pool deck area has been more or less greenlit as an ice skating rink (take this with a grain of salt, as these projects tend to get pushed back), with a proposal now being “actualized.” (more…)
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Hey, if a blind date got these two together, something more complicated could work for you.

Hey, if a blind date got these two together, something more complicated could work for you.

You guys have single friends? Do they whine and moan about being forever alone and how they really want to meet somebody but can’t seem to? In a proposition that is equal parts hopeful, horrifying, and highly entertaining, Jo Firestone, the brains behind Punderdome, has come up with a novel way to play Cupid: having you represent your single friends, to the best of your ability, in a dating game-like show. (more…)

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You don't have to be elected to spend a day here. via Facebook

You don’t have to be elected to spend a day here. via Facebook

Time to get on Island Time! Governors Island is back for what appears to be its best season to date. As big changes get underway on the island, vendors, events, and displays aren’t slowing down. For the perfect day sojourn, choose from any of the events listed below (and many more that we couldn’t list because, you know… space) or just post up under a tree and read. Don’t have a book? Visit the Uni Project’s outdoor reading room and select a tome—they’ve partnered with the NYPL, Brooklyn and Queens Libraries to bring you a great selection.

You could also bike, or nap, or play mini-golf (this year’s theme: “State of the Art”). (more…)

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Could you actually afford to eat here now? You Betto believe it

Could you actually afford to eat here now? You Betto believe it

We’re in deep, says the New York Times: each of us is contributing to the dissolution of “real dating” by, among other things, not being able or willing to take someone out to dinner or even drinks. But do you want to be old-fashioned, damn it, and take your girlfriend, boyfriend, new flame, best friends or just yourself out to a nice (and possibly even fancy) dinner? Sure, but that normally involves spending your entire week’s food budget on one meal, which is how we get stuck buying discount deals or avoiding nice meals out. If you loathe presenting the server with your Groupon, discount code, or other obscure deal for which they severely judge you, Savored could help bring you a delicious and discretely discounted (up to 30%) meal. (more…)

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It's always a party in Williamsburg

It’s always a party in Williamsburg

It’s a Saturday or Sunday, and you wake up magically devoid of a hangover, having done all your laundry, grocery shopping, and other boring adult things for the week. (Ok, so the beginning of this article is hypothetical. But the rest isn’t!) Suddenly instilled with a desire to discover the best that Williamsburg has to offer, you decide to make a day – and night – of it.

Everyone will have their own opinion, some of them snarky, on what is worth doing if you only have twelve paltry hours to soak up the cultural deliciousness that is Williamsburg. However, I firmly believe everything below is a knock-out, guaranteed fantastic time. Unless you don’t like fun. In which case, I can’t help you. (more…)

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Stopping for a nosh at the 2011 Century Bike Tour. Via FB.

The NYC Century Bike Tour on Sept. 9 offers plenty of company as you wind your way through routes starting at 15 miles and going up to 100 miles. Beyond just the victory of touring the city on bike, it’s added another incentive this year: Bikes & Bites, where riders can stop at local businesses along their route and get discounts and freebies at places like Nathan’s, Brooklyn Label and Rockaway Taco. Apart from the obvious refueling perk, this program also allows you to see places you might not normally ride by or visit, and thus brings new customers to businesses and new haunts to you! Deals on offer include lavender (and regular) lemonade, hot dogs, pizza, health juices, lemon ice, knishes, sandwiches, and more from various local vendors in Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens. (more…)

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Should you worry about Greece? Find out at Khan Academy.

More than a few times, I’ve wished that I had taken every single class that interested me in college (Pottery and Abnormal Psychology, I still mourn you). Of course, requirements for majors, minors, and you know, graduating, got in the way, as did having a kick-ass time. While I would never trade some of those fun memories for anything, I wouldn’t mind another chance to continue learning, and in some cases re-learn what I missed the first time.

In the past few years, there’s been a movement to bring free or low-cost education to the masses, from iTunes U podcasts and videos to Khan Academy’s seemingly impenetrable number (3,200+) of free instructional video links, Coursera’s free but intensive (from 4 to 12 hours of work) array of courses taught by professors from some of the country’s most esteemed universities, and new start-ups like Voxy, which teaches foreign language in a contextualized format. In essence, the Internet is your educational oyster. Here’s how to crack that baby open:  (more…)