Could you write a book about Sandy? Start tonight

A little rain never hurt a laptop. Wait… via Apathetic Thursday

Something like losing your house or your business can really inspire some feelings in a person. And not some bullshit millenial version of feeeelings after your friend with benefits but you want more, said no, she doesn’t want to go get brunch with you. It’s important to deal with tough stress like in a constructive, healthy way, like for instance writing about it. So the New York Writers Coalition has stepped up to provide anyone who needs it space in one of two weekly writing workshops.

The two workshops take place on Tuesdays from 5:15pm-7:30pm at the Carroll Gardens library, and Thursdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm at the 80 Arts Building.  It doesn’t matter what you want to write, be it poetry, essays, fiction, memoirs or whathaveyou, you’ll get positive, supportive feedback in order to improve your craft. The workshops don’t require any commitment or advance reservation, so if the spirit moves you to write, pop in and make your voice heard.