Be a zoo instructor, and eight other sweet job opportunities

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Do you know how to teach people about pandas beyond, “Cuuuuute”?. The the Prospect Park Zoo wants you via Facebook

It’s Christmas Hanukkah Kwanzaa shopping & SantaCon season, which means it’s office par-tay time. But if our No Office Party didn’t fill the cubicle-shaped void in your social life, or if you can no longer look Phyllis from HR in the eye after this year’s holiday rager, you may find yourself looking for a new job. You may also have just realized the tremendous financial toll of your raging candy cane addiction, especially if you’re currently unemployed. Luckily we’re here to help you find some cool ways for you to put panettone on the table.

The Prospect Park Zoo is looking for an Instructor to direct its Teaching Fellows and volunteers and develop curricula for its education programs. One of the responsibilities is to “effectively utilize zoo’s handleable animal collection,” so we wouldn’t talk about your excitement to show visitors how smooth poison dart frogs are.

The Brooklyn Public Library is looking for a graphic designer to remind the world reading isn’t just something you do when looking at GIF captions. They’re serious about perfecting their brand so they want someone with at least three years of graphic design experience with an “understanding of printing process.” We’d question why the library still prints and hasn’t transitioned exclusively to Snapchat, but we respect Arthur, LeVar Burton, and our scary elementary school librarians too much to challenge them.

MakerBot is looking for a 3D Modeler to turn 2D artwork into 3D printable designs. It’s an entry level position so if you know what Zbrush and Maya are you just may be the one MakerBot needs to 3D print them like your French girls.

If you have experience with software development and app design, Huge wants you as their new Interaction Designer. You’ll help Huge’s clients improve their user experience by creating wireframes and functional prototypes. So if you know what any of that means, you could be their new designer.

Transportation Alternatives is looking for a Bike Ambassador Lead to run outreach projects throughout the city. If you’re seeking a more effective way to improve bike safety than just flipping off every driver who almost hits you, you may be the one TA wants.

Red Hook Community Justice Center is looking for a Community Case Manager for Red Hook Responders, their new program designed to continue post-Sandy recovery and promote disaster preparation. They’re looking for someone familiar with Red Hook who can conduct outreach, door-to-door visits, and plan community workshops. If you’re interested in community organizing and generally being helpful, this could be worth checking out.

Here’s a chance to finally have an in with the cools kids: Time Out New York Kids is looking for someone with “an interest in local kid culture” to be their Assistant Editor. This could be a great way for those trendy toddlers in those Humans of New York microfashion posts to finally acknowledge your presence and maybe even tweet you back.

Are you an email baron? The Met is looking for an Assistant Email Marketing Producer to help them roll out fancy emails, newsletters, and invitations. Our invitations to the Met Ball keep getting lost in the mail, but if you can send us one or compose the invitations in Comic Sans we may just change our logo to your face. The Met’s also looking for a Website Editor to proofread their website and social media content. If you grammar is sacred to you, this could be your moment to shine.

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