If you’ve got a spare $100K, you can rent 285 Kent for the year [UPDATE: Or not]

285 kent
Perfect for frozen yogurt

285 Kent might be gone, in a metaphorical sense, but the physical building still remains. Remains empty and lonely and probably really cold right now, because it’s just a big concrete box. But! It could be your big cold concrete box, for the incredible real estate bargain of just $8,000 per month. That comes out to $96,000 for a one year lease, and we all have that sitting around, right?

Twitter human Veronica de Souza spotted the listing, which does all it can to separate the space from it’s disgusting, smoke and spilled beer-filled past. The 4,000 square foot space has “many uses,” according to the ad: as an office space, a pop-up storefront or even a place to live (which, fucking ROFL). One use that it apparently does not have according to the owners is a raucous concert spot that books both national touring acts and local yutzes no one has ever heard of, but we’re sure that’s just an oversight, and you could do that if you wanted to.

The ad also claims that there’s a powerful air conditioner, which we’re gonna call a pack of lies, because we’ve been there in the summer and the air was never in good condition.

Of course, it will probably just become the world’s largest Pinkberry, just like the old gypsy woman said. Also because nothing screams “new Williamsburg” like the world’s largest Pinkberry.

UPDATE: The listing has been taken down, and curator Ric Leichtung says Todd P has the lease still.

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