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One last chance to get 30% off a whole season of Brewskee-ball

Catch the rolling fever. via Facebook
Catch the rolling fever. via Facebook

You can feel it in your sexy young bones, New York City being swept up in a wave of sports (specifically NL EAST CHAMPION NEW YORK METS) fever. Resist all you want, soon you too will be screaming things at a bar along with other people who are hoping the screaming will help move things your way. Of course, you could also take that aggression and get out there and compete at sports, but what’s out there? Oh hey, Brewskee-ball is, and a sport that encourages both alcohol consumption by its competitors and a lack of much movement, it sounds perfect for you. Even better, we can get you hefty discount a full season of all the action.

While the league already had its kickoff event, you can still show your skee-ball stuff, and at a discounted rate, because that’s the kind of break you catch when you’re a Brokelyn reader. When you register on the site with the code “brokelyn” you get 25% off either your individual registration price (chopping it from $120 to $84) or your team registration (chopping it from $360 to $252).

And what do you get for joining the league? You get eight weeks of skee-ball action on Mondays or Tuesdays (although as a latecomer you’ll have to do two matches in one week) at the Full Circle Bar, playoffs so you can become a certified skee-ball champion, free beers for your team each game, a round of shots for winning a match. All you need really is a punny team name like Skee Patrol or Roll’n’Roasters and the aforementioned either $84 or $252. You don’t even need to be good at skee-ball, really.

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