Score coffee and a fancy donut for $3 at this Williamsburg resto

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From the brunch offerings, a perfectly crispy bird that’d have Colonel Sanders himself lickin’ his digits. Photos by Ally Spier.

If you’re one of those lucky people with the luxury of time for a sit-down daytime meal during the typical work week (or just someone who’s underemployed, a la this girl) you now have another great option for your weekday #firstmeal.

Rider, the light-filled Williamsburg spot attached to non-profit music venue National Sawdust, has been serving dinner since it opened last March, and weekend brunch for almost as long. This past week, it debuted two new daytime menus, available Monday through Friday so you can snag award-winning chef creations no matter *when* you are.

Menu offerings are pricey, albeit deservingly so. But $1 gets you a cup of bottomless coffee (!) and a donut is just $2 (!!), so there’s something for every bank balance. Hey, every girl’s gotta eat. 


Breakfast goes from 8-11am and, yes, includes the requisite avocado toast. If you’re more of a traditionalist, you can choose from a handful of egg-y options like The Cure, a savory combo of lentil-flecked rice, duck confit, and a poached egg, with cilantro, hoisin, and sriracha. Whether this dish’s name is a nod to the band or to a post-drinking panacea depends on what you did the night before; either way, mix well for best results.

The 11am-4pm lunch menu is a prix fixe, with any two items going for $18. You can choose from Tatsoi Salad, Smoked Ricotta, Hot Fried Chicken and more.


Donut forsake this deal.
Donut forsake this deal. These donuts are good.

And at $1/cup including refills, the Philly-based Rival Bros Coffee could be terrible and still worth it. Luckily it’s snob- (i.e. me-) approved, and at that better-than-a-bodega price a hard deal to beat with any of the other nearby offerings in Williamsburg. Coffee service is available from opening through lunch, so get at it you caffeine fiends (caffeine-ds? Needs work). And like i said, you can pair it with a doughnut of the day for a grand total of $3. Not too bad, kids. Not too bad.

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