Your chance to shout about what’s fare at the MTA

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At this pace, we’ll end up welcoming $100 monthly cards again. via The Working Families Party

Are you still high on democracy after last night? Take it easy, breathe, it happens. As long as you’re still riding the snake, you should know that the MTA is holding a public hearing on fare and toll increases tonight.  They’re proposing to increase the base fare to $2.50, a monthly card to between $109 and $125 and potentially eliminating the 10% bonus that comes with a MetroCard currently, among other things. The MTA also has a fact sheet up with all sorts of fancy numbers and dire warnings, but let’s be real: this sucks and everyone knows it.

The hearing is going to be held at NY Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, 333 Adams Street, starting at 4pm and going until 8pm. Make sure your sob story about why this fare hike will literally kill you is tight, because testimony is limited to 3 minutes per person.  You can register to speak here, and if you can’t make it but still want to let the MTA know how much you hate this fare hike, you can submit comments online.

Public Hearing on Fare Changes, today at 4pm, NY Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge, 333 Adams Street

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  1. With the new fare hike a regular commuter riding twice 5 days a week would pay $5/day. With a monthly card, it comes out to $6.25/day. That’s a steal!

    • Conal, you’re failing to note that an unlimited card would let you travel far more than just 20 work days… so if that’s all you’re doing, commuting to work, you just shouldn’t buy an unlimited!

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