Young people home from college: Want something fun to do? Come write for Brokelyn!

We promise you'll also have plenty of time for this
We promise you’ll also have plenty of time for this

Hello there, college folks home for the summer. Got any good plans? We mean besides finding trouble only the way that you can. Maybe you want to have more than just a summer job where you count the hours until you’re free, and maybe you even want to learn something (but still have fun doing it). In that case, get in touch with us at Brokelyn, because we’d love to harness your youthful energy and teach you the finer points of blogging and journalism.

We know, it’s the summer, so maybe learning isn’t the first thing on your mind. However, if you join up with Brokelyn’s College Squad, you can learn the finer points of blogging and reporting from our experienced editors, knowledge you can use to crush your college newspaper friends and rivals when you go back to school in the fall.

You’re not going to be an intern running for coffee or doing shitty busy work that no one wants to do. We want to send you out in the field to ask people things, we want to hear your ideas, we want you to get a little journalism experience under your belt and all we ask in return is that you let us know what teen slang is hot now because we saw “On fleek” on a mass-produced t-shirt for sale on the Jersey Shore so we’re guessing that’s done for. Oh, you’ll also get free breakfast every other week at our morning meetings. So if you want experience AND breakfast, shoot an email to dave [AT] to let us know and we’ll be in touch real soon.


    • We do have some paid shifts available depending upon schedule and experience, but those probably wouldn’t go to college students. We work with new writers a lot and it’s a great way to get an online footprint beyond social media — and some bylines if you didn’t happen to wangle that NYT internship. It’s not meant to take the place of a real summer job but it’s a fun, rewarding experience if you can squeeze it in.

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