You won’t be a dumbo if you go to Etsy’s crafting night

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Etsy-ish photos courtesy of Etsy.

I keep telling myself I need to spend more time in DUMBO, but I never get around to planning the get-there, do-this type of day (or night). In a fantastic turn of events in which I have to plan nothing, on Tuesday, June 26, Etsy is presenting a free evening of crafting called Hands On: DUMBO

Want to take a first date to get coffee ice cream? Brooklyn Roasting Company is offering a DIY ice cream tutorial so you can learn together. If you’re a gym rat (or an aspiring one), Gleason’s Gym is giving a boxing and jump rope tutorial and a workshop to make your own sweatbands. Recycle-A-Bicycle will be teaching you how to make pouches out of recycled bike tires. And more, including music from DJ Colleen Crumbcake and photos at the Magnolia Photo Booth.

In between whichever events you decide to attend, you can also receive discounts at the participating businesses, or just explore the wonders of DUMBO on your own. Mark your calendar and RSVP here for Tuesday, June 26, from 5-8PM at the Archway (Aside: perfect timing to see the sunset on the water.)



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