Stay classy, Brooklyn: ‘Anchorman 2’ filming in Park Slope today

Experts in their field, one and all
Experts in their field, one and all

Hey Brooklyn, have you noticed a distinct lack of people staying classy around here lately? No matter how many times you remind them to? Well, don’t worry, because the expert in staying classy, Mr. Ron Burgundy himself, is on his way here to film some scenes for Anchorman 2 on Monday. So provided he doesn’t accidentally tell people to go fuck themselves, he’ll really class things up around here.

Park Slope Stoop noticed the signs that said the master of the jazz flute and his whole News 4 Action Team will be setting up camp on 3rd Street between 6th Avenue and 8th Avenue to film some scenes of their continuing adventures. While we want more than anything for it to be another all-out news brawl, there’s no word on what the boys hailing from what the Spanish call “A Whale’s Vagina” will be up to. We just know that’s gonna be funny. Aaaaan what the hell, here’s the news team fight:

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