Poet Yelp reviewer haikus their way into our hearts

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Possibly tattooed on our mystery Yelper. via Being for the Benefit

Yelp can be useful for things like finding out exactly where a restaurant or bar is located or their hours, especially if the place has no web presence. Which, what? It’s 2012 guys, at least put up a Facebook page you’ll ignore. If you go down the rabbit hole into the reviews though, you never know what to expect. Crowdsourcing and democracy are fine, we guess, but the everyone isn’t cut out to be a restaurant critic. Still, sometimes you stumble on an inspired instance of someone turning the Yelp review system on its ear, and we’ve just come across another one.

A tipster alerted us to Review Haiku For You a clever Yelper who turns all of their reviews into haikus. Even better, they’ve been around Brooklyn, showing up at Char No. 4, Bubby’s Brooklyn and a handful of other locations. Our favorite is the review for Ladybird Bakery: “Hey fellow fat kids/ worship the Brooklyn blackout/small imperfections.” And, true to our own hearts, our mystery reviewer says they’re broke. Judging the way the internet works, that shouldn’t be true for too long, with a book deal no doubt imminent.

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