Worst pothole photo contest: win a puncture-resistant tire from Bike Slug!

And the Lord was angry, and the roads opened up, and a plague of potholes swallowed the land.
Yea, the Lord was angry, and the roads opened up, and a plague of potholes swallowed the land.

With spring finally upon us, brokesters, we recommend you get back in the saddle and ride your bike again. Temperatures and MTA fares are rising, so there’s really no reason to favor public transportation over a two-wheeled commute anymore. That is, save for one tiny nuisance, a final reminder of 2015’s brutal winter: potholes. You know them. You’ve seen them. Lurking in bike lanes, hiding around every street corner, threatening to swallow you whole. 

Now, potholes shouldn’t prevent you from riding, but they’re a great excuse for a photo contest! That’s right, folks. We’re looking for the worst pothole in Brooklyn, as seen by your camera. If you’ve got a deadly commute with potholes in your path, read on to learn how you can win a puncture-resistant tire from our friends over at Bike Slug

Brokelyn’s photo contest is happening over Instagram. So it’s easy: just snap your pothole pic and gram it use the hashtag #worstpotholeBK. If you don’t have Instagram, you can also email us a photo. Make sure to include the intersection where you saw it. And it has to be in Brooklyn, obviously.


This one's more like a pot-pond.
Just fill this guy up with some water and you could practically bathe.

The winner will receive a new tube and puncture-resistant tire—including installation—from Bike Slug (1050 Bedford Avenue). That’s a prize worth over $50! Pretty spiffy for a contest that doesn’t cost you anything to enter.

We’ll be judging your pictures on potholes’ size, depth, shape and general hazard. Essentially, your photo just has to convey how dangerous the damn thing is. Pothole depth is tricky to capture on camera, so keep that in mind when you snap it. We’re not luddites, of course: if an Instagram filter helps you bring out the evil in the pothole, feel free to mess with the pic a little. But no Photoshop!


Pretty little potholes, all in a row.
Pretty little potholes, all in a row.

We’ll close submissions at 12:00 noon EST on April 27, and announce our winner on the 28. That way, whoever wins can enjoy their powerful new tire as soon as NYC Bike Month starts in May. Thanks, Bike Slug! And happy pothole snapping, brokesters. Just don’t fall into one.

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