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World’s least self-aware man says Brunch is Bad because he has a daughter now

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You don’t want this? Fine. Photo by Dave Rosado

Brunch brunch brunch. The only thing people like more than eating brunch is arguing about whether Brunch Is Bad. Leave it to the New York Times though, to pay David Shaftel to do a sub-replacement level David Brooks impression on the subject of how Brunch Is Bad and is a sign of Our Society’s Moral Failures. Brunch is Bad and a sign of avoiding adulthood and is ruining New York City, says Shaftel, except not the awesome brunches he ate:

I admit that I’ve found myself among the hordes on plenty of occasions. A particularly memorable fondue brunch in Chelsea that began at noon and broke up in a dive bar 15 hours later comes to mind. And there was the hedonistic all-day affair in Dubai, where I topped off courses of Japanese, Chinese and Lebanese food with a full English roast beef dinner, all consumed while hovering above the desert in an air-conditioned five-star hotel restaurant and guzzling a jeroboam of Veuve Clicquot….But now that I have a young daughter, brunch is completely impractical

Oh sure, Dubai, everyone’s been there. For a guy who says his daughter brings him introspection, this column contains precisely zero self-examination.

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  1. Good lord. I guess I’m not one of the people he’s referring to who think of “brunch” as a lifestyle. Brunch for me is just eggs benedict, a couple of mimosas, and home by noon, on a Saturday. This has to be one of the most disgrunted articles I’ve ever read. It’s a single meal, dude. Relax.

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