Diagnosis: A case of the freelance rot. Prescription: This Work It Brooklyn health panel

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Feeling a bit unhealthy lately?

Occasionally it sucks being a freelancer. The long hours, the “will I/won’t I get paid this week” anxiety … it can all add up to a lot of stress. Fortunately, Work It Brooklyn understands, and tonight they’re co-hosting a panel at 7pm tonight called “Wellness for Freelancers & Independent Workers” with Human At Ease, a fitness studio in Greenpoint, that might just put you on the path to better mental and physical well being. Aja Marsh of North Brooklyn Runners and Andrea Moss, a holistic health and nutritional coach, will take the stage with several other professionals to dish out some tips on how to keep yourself healthy while running your own business or managing your freelance career. Tips will cover eating when you’re broke or too busy, techniques for relaxation when you spend all day sitting at a desk and what you need to maintain when you don’t have insurance.

It costs $5, but be sure to arrive on time for some pre-panel networking and stick around afterwards for free hot chai and tasty snacks provided by Chai Mookie.

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