Video: How your coworkers are actually reading your emails

Everyone — you, me, your coworkers, your boss, the faceless old CEO who secretly lives in your home — uses coded language in work emails. We all also interpret those coded words when we read them: we know that “circling back!” is code for “fucking reply to me already” and a PR pitch that starts with “Hope your back to school season is going well” is code for “delete this person from the earth and take away all their electronics forever.”

The folks over at Fast Company have made the above funny video showing you how the words you use in your email are actually being read — use it as a cautionary tale next time you’re about to fire off some trite language to someone.

The video co-stars Michelle Markowitz, one of the people behind the ridiculously hilarious Hey Ladies feature at The Toast (RIP), so know you she knows a few things about emails.

"Just checking back!"
“Just checking back!”

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