WATCH: Woman makes her uterus a bank so Trump and Pence won’t regulate it

The future of reproductive rights in America isn’t looking pretty right now, and there seems to be little that we women can do to reverse its course. One NYC woman felt the situation was desperate enough that she tried to make her uterus a bank, since that’s one of the few things the Trump/Pence administration doesn’t seem to be interested in regulating.

Comedian Helene Ellford appears in the video above as the woman in question, pleading her case to a federal regulator. When told she needs to have “billions of dollars” in capital in order to start a bank, Ellford responds by saying she’s sold her eggs, which are worth at least $8,000 each.

“And I have one million eggs left, so that’s eight billion dollars.”

It’s a pretty solid read on the feminist temperament re: Trump so give it a watch, fertile laughs if nothing else (get it?). Still, the light humor comes with a dark message: We definitely can’t afford to put all our eggs in this presidential basket.


WATCH: Woman makes her uterus a bank so Trump and Pence won't regulate it
Do U-terus-t in democracy to see us through this? via screenshot

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