Brokelyn girls share their winter grooming tips

When you're this bundled up, who cares what you look like?
When you’re this bundled up, who cares what you look like? via

Although it’s been fairly balmy this week, the polar vortex is far from a distant memory and we’ve got plenty of winter ahead. On those brutal days, you don’t even want to get out of bed, much less get dressed and present yourself to the world. But part of being a socially-acceptable adult is practicing good decent hygiene and achieving some semblance of style, you know, for your own self-worth and so as not to gross out others, unless that’s your goal. Winter upkeep is like Chinatown: Forget it, Jake. Wait, wrong quote, I mean this one: Do as little as possible. But rock it. The Brokelyn girls traded tips on how to get as much bang for your I-Don’t-Give-a-Fuck.


Cat Wolinksi: “DRY SHAMPOO. It’s like washing your hair every day, but for one minute instead of 30 painful minutes of wetting, shampooing, conditioning, combing and drying! You can get a can (bottle?) for like $5 and it lasts forever.”

Kelly: “I usually opt for ear muffs or a crocheted headband instead of a beanie because big hair is important to me.”

Camille: “I just don’t wash my hair because I’m trying to avoid pneumonia at all costs. No one cares if you’re pretty when you’re dead.”


Caroline: “Belted trench coats help you look less puffy/amorphous/drowning when you’re out in the world.”

Kelly: “Giant wool scarfs are game changers. Go big or go home.”

Maddie: “I’m a big proponent of the sweater dress: chunky and comfy but you can wear with boots to an office meeting and no one suspects you’re basically in your pajamas.”


Caroline: “Keep facial waxing and bleaching to a minimum to avoid dry skin; enjoy how much your lady-stache upsets your parents.”

Cat: “I only shave my armpits if I’m going to end up in short sleeves…that’s not even true, I wore short sleeves yesterday but it was too cold to shower.”

Maddie: “Never shave your legs. The hair serves as an extra layer of fleece under your leggings.”

Brokelyn girl readers, what’s your winter hygiene style? Post your tips in the comments.


  1. These are great winter tips. Been washing my hair at night to avoid cold wet head in the day. Plus who can shower on cold morning with inconsistent hot water? Ce n’est pas moi.

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