5 best thrift stores in Park Slope

When it comes to fashion, I’m all about retro and vintage style. I love one-of-a-kind or rare pieces that I know I won’t be able to find easily. I also, of course, live on a budget, which means I can’t spend whatever I want on clothes. This is why I rely on the vintage and thrift stores in Brooklyn for my look. Here are some of my favorites in Park Slope, a neighborhood rich with affordable thrift stores.

L Train Vintage
654 Sackett St

This store has a little bit of everything with some much-needed edge. Not everything is necessarily vintage, but the price is always right.

Beacon’s Closet
92 5th Ave

This is probably my favorite thrift store in all of NYC (and it has many locations depending on where you live). They have a mix of retro and new pieces at a variety of prices, often in wonderful condition. I’ve always had a lot of luck here, and each location is usually rather large with a lot of options. It’s hard not to walk out with something.

Housing Works
266 5th Ave

Housing Works has a great mix of books, furniture, and clothes. It’s a small space, so you won’t necessarily be there for hours, or always find something, but it’s always worth a look. Housing Works is also an organization that provides comprehensive services to over 30,000 homeless and low-income New Yorkers living with HIV/AIDS or at-risk of infection. Through store sales, much of this is funded.

Out of the Closet
475 Atlantic Ave

This store has books, clothes, shoes, and bags at an affordable price. Even better? About 96¢ of every dollar collected by our stores directly fund AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s HIV/AIDS programs and services in the U.S. and abroad. So, you know, you can shop for a good cause. You can also snag some free condoms here.

Life Boutique Thrift
515 5th Ave

From furniture to records to clothes to housewares to jewelry, you can find everything here at an unbeatable price. The selection is well-curated and there are two floors worth of gems to look through.

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