Win tickets to the Tell Your Friends V-Day show!

You should choo-choo-choose to go to this!

If all the rest of these ideas for taking your sweetie out/finding someone to at least Band Aid over your shattered heart for V-Day have failed you, we’ve got one more big chance: our friends at the skint are presenting this Sunday’s special Tell Your Friends (With Benefits) Valentine’s Day show at the Bell House, and we have a pair of tickets to give away! The show is hosted by Liam McEneaney, and features Wyatt Cenac of The Daily Show, Hari Kondabolu (Jimmy Kimmel Live, Comedy Central Presents) and Ashok Kondabolu (of Das Racist), Jessi Klein (Best week Ever, Saturday Night Live) and Victor Varnado (writer for Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien), with musical guests Bridget & The Squares. Plus, the first 100 people get a free Robicelli’s cupcake! To enter, tell us in the comments below about your ideal cheap Valentine’s Day outing — we’ll pick a random winner by 5pm Friday. (Dont’ forget to register your comment with your email address so we can contact you!). And maybe all that ROFLing Sunday will finally land you a date.


  1. Melody Gambino

    Right now my BF is laid off so we find cheap dates pretty often! If it’s nice out, we make sandwiches and put some hummus and carrots in a bag and take the dog to the brooklyn promenade. Its a long walk and is so beautiful up there! Frequently we gift each other books, candles, etc that people leave out on the steps of their brownstones for the taking. If it is crap weather, we order in Joya and make ghetto sangria (franzia, seltzer, and orange slices).  

  2. Caroline

    Actually striking up a conversation with that cute bearded fella on the subway and taking a walk around Prospect Park. Do nothing Valentine’s Day-ish because it’s just a bit too soon. We’ve only been acquainted for a couple hours after all.

  3. Anonymous

    Since Valentines Day falls on a Tuesday ideally my date and I would hit up Popeye’s for their 2 for 99cents Tuesday chicken special .Then we would go to CVS at midnight so we can buy all the Valentines Day Candy half off, we would take our winnings to the Brooklyn Bridge where we would conclude our uber romantic evening. 

  4. Valerie Rachelle

    My husband and I love a good cheap date. We’d probably start with tacos at Reyes Deli ($2.25 a pop – best in BK), get coffee at Cafe 474, & window shop down 5th avenue. If it’s during the weekend, we’d hang out at the Brooklyn Flea and he’d buy me a tiny cupcake from the Kumquat Cupcakery stand. And oh yeah, sex. Not at the Brooklyn Flea probably, but you know, when we get home.

  5. Nicole Floyd

    Cheap Valentine’s Day Date: Go to Barnes and Nobles, leaf through a Time Out New York and find all the free deals that sound appealing, don’t do any of them but feel accomplished for having assembled them all in one place, go to electronic store and take risque pictures or bring up inappropriate websites on the electronics, go to either a candle store or Lush, someplace like that and smell everything, end the night over a sweet dinner: 2 slices of pizza for a $1 at Two Bros pizza. ROMANCE!

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