Win tickets to Pat Kiernan’s Red Carpet Trivia just by saying you deserve them

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Pat Kiernan looks off stage to see if “You know, the green one” is an acceptable answer to “Who is the political and spiritual leader of the Muppets?”

Whether we like it or not, awards season is upon us, and one person we can guarantee is thrilled about the occasion is NY1 morning news anchor and Brooklyn resident, Pat Kiernan, who loves pop culture so much he hosted his own TV show about it on VH1 and routinely hosts trivia nights at The Bell House, including the upcoming Red Carpet Trivia Night on March 5. And sure you could pay for the show, but why do that when you can just convince TrivWorks you deserve free tickets more than anyone else?

Tickets are $26 and expected to sell out quickly, but by entering this TrivWorks contest, which requires the simple task of whoring yourself out on social media (we think that’s a pretty fair trade), you and a starry-eyed date can earn your place at the event titled, appropriately, “Pat Kiernan’s Red Carpet Trivia Night.”

A select number of tickets are being held aside for viewers like you in an open call for posts on blogs, Facebook profiles or Twitter accounts that describe why you deserve a pair of tickets more than anybody else. Remember, this is awards season, so think Oscar-worthy content like a video that’s convincing enough to the TrivWorks masters that you and your guest should be two of the lucky few to attend.

Check out TrivWorks to see how you can enter with a blog post, a Facebook post or a tweet. Then, after entering, play the waiting game to see if your name gets pulled from the envelope. Best of luck, Brooklyn pop-culture lovers. Kiernan is a thing to behold.

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