Win a free team registration this season with Major League Bocce!


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Shhhh, do you hear that? It’s faint, but you’d swear it’s the voices of old Italian vecchietti. They want you to join them on the bocce courts this summer. And if you enter the contest below, you could win a free team registration to Major League Bocce for you and four of your friends.

If you haven’t played bocce yet, you’re missing out on one of the most social, competitive, addictive, drinking experiences around. A game that favors skill, but notoriously doles out heaping helpings of beginner’s luck, bocce is literally a sport that anyone can play (and be good at). Whether you’re the hyper-competitive type, or just down for low-impact fun on a random weeknight, bocce welcomes you with open arms (and will probably ask you to grab the next round of drinks). 

Major League Bocce, the largest bocce league in the country, is setting up shop in Prospect Park on Wednesday nights, which means you get to A) hang out in the park in the evening, B) with your friends, C) playing games, and D) making new friends. And then it’s straight to the bar for drink and food specials!

Entering below earns you the chance to win a free team registration for you and four friends for 8 weeks of games, drinking, an end-of-the-season party, and way more bocce pun-based team names than you ever thought possible. Even if you don’t win, for the low cost of less than $10 a week, you and your friends will be set for Wednesday plans for the summer, complete with t-shirts, prizes, and Thursday hangovers (optional). League play begins June 3, and registration ends on May 29. What are you waiting for? Andiamo!


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