Williamsburg is getting another shipping container house

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The next best thing to living on a cargo ship! via Curbed

Whether or not the owners of Williamsburg’s first shipping container apartment were trying to be trendsetters, or they just really really liked the idea of taking to the sea, we’re now one more shipping container house away from getting an official trend piece in the New York Times, because Curbed has pictures of a new, and bigger one. If you were considering building one of your own, just remember: Barry Zuckercorn’s advice about all crime done at sea being legal does not extend to living in shipping containers.

The new shipping container house is going up at 2 Monitor Street, and like Williamsburg’s first one, it will be a single family house. But unlike the first house, which was only made up of 6 shipping containers, this one will be made of 21. Because if you’re doing something someone else has done previously, you damn well better blow them out of the water, we guess. It beats living on an actual boat of course, but you still wouldn’t catch us living on one of these. Because when the water levels rise and we all need to live on boats, the shipping container houses are gonna be the first thing big cargo ships attack. Trust us on this.

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