New York gun owners: Texas wants you to move there

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It’s like the Texan character from The Simpsons came to life. via Lisa Cordes

So, New York just passed a comprehensive gun control package. Some people are politely freaking out about the whole thing, but New Yorkers are otherwise pretty much behind the laws. But what about those friends of yours clogging up your Facebook feed with screeds about the Constitution and ugh, Sandy Hook trutherism? Well, they have an option now, but it’s in the “move to Canada” sense: the Village Voice found ads from Texas’ Attorney General claiming they’ll welcome New York gun owners with open arms.

Greg Abbot isn’t offering any kind of tax incentives or rent help or anything in exchange for getting you to move, he’s merely offering you the opportunity to live in a state where you can live in peace with your gun. But uh, not your boyfriend. But hey, no income tax!

Is moving to Texas worth it? Well, from the suburbs maybe. But from the city? It’d be a nightmare. You’d need a car for starters. Forget a subway, which is non-existent. When I went to Texas I was there for a week and I think I saw four busses total. Sure if you moved to Houston you could get a little taste of home every now and again, but otherwise, is your high-capacity magazine really so important to you that you’d pack up and go where Rick Perry is governor? Anyone reading Brokelyn a gun owner? Would you consider this, ever?

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  1. Well before I change my guns or give them up yes I will move and new York can charge them self for tax lost and the money I spend on guns and ammo will go to people that know I’m there to enjoy shooting and hunting

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