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Yelp’s new video feature means your food porn is no longer limited to pictures

If only this cheeseburger had sound!
If only this cheeseburger had sound! via Reddit

Don’t you just love when you’re at a restaurant and all the people around you need to document every damn bite they take? Of course you do! Those glowing screens help you see your food better! Well get ready for more romantic Android light, because Yelp’s video feature went live today, meaning you can now add compelling twelve-second clips to your reviews.

Yelp asks that these mini-documentaries be an “extension of the visual experience,” not video confessions. In other words, don’t just sit and describe your pizza, provide a video of you biting into and slowly chewing that slice, making sure to never break eye contact with the camera as that glob of tomato sauce slides down your face. Or maybe even film a close-up of your bartender pouring your IPA. Try to get shots from multiple angles. He’ll really like that.

We can only wonder how other apps plan to get on board with this enhanced sensory experience movement. Will Craigslist’s apartment section now add touch feature so you can feel the subway rumbles under your new room? Will its furniture section include a smell option?

[h/t Consumerist]

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