Who’s the best doc to revive a dead Mac?


And then the screen went dark. Pop. Kerplooey. No amount of jiggling, stroking, button-pressing or cursing would revive it. Where to turn? That Mac Support Store in Gowanus or Tekserve or one of the Apple Stores? Or somewhere else? Your cousin’s uncle’s son’s Vlad in a Brighton Beach basement? (We already get other things from him…) Any info you could share is desperately needed and greatly appreciated. Please don’t let this be the end.


  1. Paul Starky

    NYC Mac Support (Park Slope near 7th Ave F, by appointment) is my fave. Kind of a cross between a boutique firm and an affordable fix-it shop. Turnaround is really fast and they have good yelp reviews.

  2. Ursula

    I brought my crashed laptop to right in Park Slope. Fast, friendly, and best of all, my data was saved. I totally recommend Zach’s Mac services.

  3. marti

    Head to the Apple Store with a smile. The more friendly you are the nicer they are in return. Trust me, I showed up with a G5 Tower once and got help immediately. Maybe cause I could barely carry it though.

  4. Wayfare

    Wayfare Repair will meet by appointment to talk over repair/upgrade issues. Troubleshooting is always free.

    Our repair truck isn’t active yet, but it will be soon — parked in easily accessible places all over Brooklyn. Our Twitter will be the best way to find out where we are, and eventually we’ll get a weekly schedule posted to our site.

    We’re open to suggestions on which internet cafes to prowl once the truck is mobile!

  5. tekserve is the bomb! i’ve taken many computers there for work, and they’re always quick and friendly and i dont have to think about the cult of apple and their acolytes and get all worked up. also, they have a wild egg chair, and sometimes they will pass out coca-colas. always super, duper nice.
    oh and they fix computers great too, but that’s hardly the basis for picking an apple repair shop ;P

  6. Jazmin Hupp of Tekserve

    I’ve worked at Tekserve for 7 years now and have helped countless customers recover from dead Macs. We perform more Mac repairs than NYC’s independent providers combined and have been doing Mac repairs from the same block in Chelsea since 1987. I hope you’ll give us a chance to help you and if you don’t have a great experience, please ask for me and I’ll make it right.

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