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Where to watch “Debate 3: Debate with a Vengeance”

Your last chance to see these dudes pretend to like each other. via Vibe

Now that each candidate has thrown a debate in the interest of building high drama and ratings for the third one, we can finally find out whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama is the true champion of debating, and therefore, the true president. While the foreign policy focus of this debate should keep Mitt Romney from threatening Big Bird or starting a truly odd meme, his most recent foreign policy experience is being chased through the streets of London by the Queen for insulting the Olympics, so we’re sure he won’t let us down this time. Brooklyn’s watering holes are still in the election year spirit and showing the debates, so they won’t let you down tonight either. And as always, neither will our drinking game.

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Matt Torrey’s
46 Bushwick Avenue, East Williamsburg

Treating the debate like the bloodsport it is, Matt Torrey’s will be showing the debate on a 96″ screen, with the sound on. So it will feel like Josh Romney is in the room with you, staring into your soul.

Pine Box Rock Shop
12 Grattan Street, Bushwick

Because of its vegan-friendly rep, this Bushwick bar is sure to draw a left-leaning crowd. If Obama comes out looking like he ate a pre-debate Quaalude again, just distract yourself with the possibility of winning one of the promised raffle prizes.

Pete’s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg

Promising to be “as close as you will come to mud wrestling” at the Williamsburg bar/venue, Pete’s is bringing their drink specials from the second debate back. You can at least be sure you’ll be entertained by those, with deal names like Yes, Wee Can and The Private Fundraiser.

The Owl Farm
297 9th Street, Park Slope

This craft beer bar from the folks behind Bar Great Harry and Mission Dolores will not only have Red State/Blue State specials for $4, but also has a roster of high-alcohol brews for when you decide things are absolutely hopeless for the candidate of your choice.

Brooklyn Winery
213 N. 8th Street, Williamsburg

There’s something about being invited to watch a debate in a parlor room that really classes up the experience of yelling advice to people who can’t hear you.

Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street, DUMBO

Not to be outdone by Matt Torrey’s big screen, this DUMBO spot is showing the debates on their 14′ by 12′ screen, so you’ll really be able to feel that (rhetorical) knockout blow. Or the actual one if Tagg Romney just can’t hold back.

Building on Bond
112 Bond Street,  Boerum Hill

Politicalaholic lefties Drinking Liberally will be taking over this spot tonight, so how depending on how the debate turns out, this will either be a great place to be or uglier than Yankee Stadium last week.

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