Where the wild things learn: Brooklyn school gets named after Maurice Sendak

Finally, the man gets some recognition
Finally, the man gets some recognition

Park Slope is about to get either way more precious or way more awesome, depending on how you feel about these kinds of things, but, DNAInfo brings us the news that P.S. 118 in Park Slope is getting named after beloved children’s author Maurice Sendak. Though there’s no word yet on whether children who go to school there will be sent to naptime without snacks or if Karen O will be teaching the music classes.

It’s a nice way of honoring the Brooklyn native who devoted his whole life to kids, despite not having any of his own. In a rare bit of both democracy and¬†bureaucracy working smoothly, parents and the school prinicpal came together to choose the name for the school, and the Department of Education promptly approved it, instead of studying the matter for a few years and then forgetting all about it. The Maurice Sendak Community School will be opening this fall, so you’ve still got a little time to move to Park Slope and pull your kid out of that fancy private school you sent him to that isn’t named after anyone nearly as good as Maurice Sendak.

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