Map shows where not to smoke drugs in Brooklyn

You got Holden Caulfield in there?

If you were to try to break some minor laws in New York City such as, oh I don’t know, sipping an adult beverage outside, or puffing on a bit of the longbottom leaf, or relieving your bodily fluids in the open air, you ought to check this map first. The New York World has dissected the so-called “pink slip” summons (those for minor infractions) from 2011 to show the biggest hot spots.¬†Williamsburg had a lot of summonses for for pot possession (you guys…), although not as many as Sheepshead Bay, and way more than Bed-Stuy. You can look up where you’re most likely to get busted for drinking in public too, but if you are getting caught doing that, you are a rookie who should be hazed¬†until you learn better.

The map is missing the breakdown of racial/stop-and-frisk/economic breakdowns, so there’s that to factor in too.

PS: Breaking laws is illegal and so are drugs, so don’t do them ever.


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