Where all the roaches are hiding? There’s a map for that

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Hey…uh…you’ve got a uh…eh, nevermind. via Flickr user horizontal.integration

What are things you don’t want to come across in your apartment? Mold, yes. Bedbugs, certainly. Most of all though, people don’t want to see roaches. For whatever reason, we’re most grossed out by these six-legged insects (that hiss sometimes). No one currently does exact counts on roach infestations by neighborhoods, but some independent programmers who don’t mind thinking about roaches all day have at least put a map together for you that will let you know how gross the neighborhood you’re about to live in is.

The New York City Roach Map works pretty simply: they comb through Health Department data to see what restaurants the DOH mentioned had roach infestations. Then they check for the ZIP code the restaurant is in. That way, you get a database of which ZIP codes have the most roach sightings in the city. Which is useful for moving, we imagine, since it’s not like a landlord or a realtor or even the person with the sublet on Craigslist is going to mention the odds of you waking up with a nest of roaches crawling over your face.

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