What’s the least expensive meal I can serve at a dinner party?

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Each week, Brokelyn.com’s in-house etiquette expert, Dear Penny, tackles your recession-related stumpers.

Make the Roman dish “Cacio y Pepe,” a classic in la cucina povera (often defined as “simple food using few ingredients”)—in other words, rustic Italian food. I once had a drummer from Rome staying with me (long story), and he made this a few times—said it was his grandmother’s recipe. In this case the ingredients are: the pasta of your choice (try Trader Joe’s spaghetti for 99 cents; New York Magazine’s tasters liked it) a few tablespoons of pecorino cheese and fresh ground pepper (even McCormick’s should work in a pinch.) Cook pasta, then drain, but save a little of the water. Mix in the cheese and a lot of pepper, drizzle a little of the pasta water in to make everything stick—and you’re done. The trick is to use the pasta water, not oil; it makes the dish summery and light. Garnish with a little something green (Mario Batali likes arugula) and serve with a side of decent tomatoes drizzled in a little olive oil.
My second suggestion isn’t for everyone, but if your friends are culinary adventurers, try something Eastern European-ish: beef tongue. I grew up on tongue; my mother made it all the time. It’s actually really good. It’s also cheap—$5.49/lb at W. Nassau Meat Market in Greenpoint (915 Manhattan Ave. at Greenpoint). Serve chilled, with peppered Polish vodka.

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