What’s on your laptop? Fall Café edition

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Photo courtesy of Arancia Project.

Here’s the next installment of our sporadic “what’s on your laptop?” series, in which we obnoxiously interrogate the wifi mainliners who populate Brooklyn cafés. It’s 4 p.m. on Tuesday, September 29, and we stopped into the Fall Café on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens to find out who was occupying (and sharing, seemingly congenially) the tables and what they were working on:



Doug Campbell, 29. I’m working on details for a party I’m organizing tomorrow night with a group called Lucid; it’s all about enlightening people in a social environment—parties. Improv Everywhere is involved, we’ve got dancers, music, the works.  I’m also planning on a site called Cause It’s My Birthday.  My good friend and I are both turning 30 next week, and we are celebrating Tuxedo Travels‘ style: with fundraising parties in seven different cities on seven consecutive days.  It starts here in NYC this Saturday.  Miami is the only city that isn’t excited about a charity party.  They want to know which celebrities will be there.


CeCe Cutler, 44. I’m working on a collaborative Google doc to get a fellowship to research the oral history archive in the Bronx.  I teach Linguistics at Lehman College in the Bronx, and another professor and I are editing the application for the fellowship, which is due tomorrow.


Hannelouise Skartveit, 33.  Right now I’m doing some financial planning for an independent feature film for an Ecuador film festival.  I’m not usually a money person; my husband and I are a writing/directing team.  This is our film, called Holiday, filmed in Ecuador.  It’s about two boys from different social classes, and their coming-of-age love story. Also right now I’m on Mom duty!


Yaron Meiner, 30.  I’m writing a birthday card for my wife, in Hebrew.  Her birthday is today.  For a present I got her a Kindle, and personalized it to be all pink.


Daniel Zaitchick, 26.  I’m a singer/songwriter, and I’m composing a score on a program called Finale.  It’s part of a commission from a theater called Ars Nova.  Jordan Harrison, a playwright, and I are creating a new musical about the man who created the character and comic strip Wonder Woman.  He was also the inventor of the lie detector.  He was obsessed with the truth; that’s why Wonder Woman had the Lasso of Truth.  The musical will be called “Suprema” which was WW’s original name.


Nina Anonymous, 29. I’m doing research for an upcoming feature article for Slate, the subject of which I’ll leave a mystery.  I’m also emailing.


Matt Anonymous, “fucking” 34.  I’m bothering my girlfriend by emailing her while she’s working.

Fall Café, 307 Smith St. (between Union St. & President St.), 718-403-0230

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