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If you’re a Twilight fan (or a teenage girl, or a reader of several trusty Brooklyn blogs), you might already know that Robert Pattinson has been filming a movie this week in Brooklyn Heights. You might also know that Pierce Brosnan is around, and that Queen Latifah and Common are on-site a few miles away in Ditmas Park. There were even A Couple of Dicks (Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan) hanging around in Bay Ridge earlier in the week.  However you knew about this Brooklyn celeb fest (and especially if you scoured the telephone poles for permits and “No Parking” signs), you might want to bookmark Filming in Brooklyn.com, a local site devoted to all the movies, shows and commercials filming in Brooklyn on any given day.

Reader tips are what drive Filming in Brooklyn, a site started by “Amy,” a Clinton Hill blogger and filming fan. We don’t know Amy’s full identity, but when she says things like “I’ve been around actors enough to know…,” we wonder, perhaps an industry connection or does she just love movie sets that much? She has a standing request to readers for any production information in their neighborhood or film-set pics. The site’s archives are monthly and go back to June 2008, and there are useful categories like “What’s Airing When?” and “What’s Filming Where?” to browse for info. One handy tool is the front-and-center clickable Google map of each day’s shoots.

This is a site by a movie-lover, for movie-lovers (and paparazzi-wannabes). And “Amy” is the real deal—her most recent post is a personal interview with Weeds‘ Guillermo Diaz.

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  1. Wait.
    No mention of Drew Barrymore shooting in Clinton Hill in her new DB vehicle?
    Frankly, it’s annoying when a big production comes into the “nabe”. They pump out a ton of diesel fumes, parking sucks for days, there are 10,000 watts shining into your bedroom on a weeknight at 11:45PM and there are DB-late-20-early-30-somethings with headsets roaming around not doing much and often chewin’ the fat pretty darn loudly, sometimes in front of you house, sometimes late at night while you’re trying to “live”.

    Meanwhile unemployed, oppressed Black-20-and-30-somethings have one more thing to depress them witness the privilege that’s blown into town…depressing…and frankly embarrassing for me.

    Yes, someone bothered to comment…

    BTW, what in eff does this blurg have to do with Broke-lyn? What? We can site see celebrities for cheap?

  2. Faye…celeb-spotting as you call it is “entertainment”? Ugh.

    We might as well run a warm bath and get out the…

    Look, the CELEBS of Brooklyn are the people, just the people. Everyone. Almost every neighborhood…

    I joke I live in a village (but I really, really do). My neighbors are the celebs, the so-called “old-timers” and the elders. I also joke it takes me 45 minutes when I walk out the door to make it to the corner…often true.

    The best time to spend is going around our neighborhoods, talking to people, working in or visiting a community garden, observing the ebb and flow.

    If I saw Drew Barrymore (DB) tomorrow I wouldn’t be moved one way or the other.

    I was simply using it as a tangent to point out the depressing aspect of privilege abutting poverty when the movie crews roll into to town. Okay, maybe that’s spectator drama…but again, I find it distressing.

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