A desire named streetcar: Here’s what people think of the mayor’s East River trolley proposal

A rendering of the proposed streetcar via NYT.
A rendering of the proposed streetcar via NYT.

Brooklyn could finally be getting some new public transit! And it’s going to be a … trolley? The New York Times reported yesterday the mayor is set to unveil a super ambitious plan to link Sunset Park, Dumbo, Brooklyn Heights, the Navy Yard, Williamsburg, Greenpoint all the way up to Astoria with a sleek new trolley car line. The idea is to serve the developing communities along the East River that are far from a subway line. It’d cost $2.5 billion, which is still less than a subway line, and move at 12mph which is just slow enough to annoy everyone.

Hey that’s cool, though, Brooklyn used to filled with trolley cars, so maybe we’ll finally get the Dodgers back too. And it certainly beats putting priority on new roads for cars, which are dumb. But then you remember the dire state of some of our subways, and that DC’s efforts to install streetcars were a historic boondoggle. Is this the best use of our transit money? Here’s what people make of what the mayor calls a stella-r plan. 

This guy is special counsel to Donald Trump, just fyi:

Already worried about the weekend trolley service changes:

This seems like an idea that would take .5 seconds to implement:

Of course, the same problems that plague the subway will probably plague the streetcar too:

We’ve got a special preview of the State of the City speech later today where the Mayor will officially unveil the plan (must credit Brokelyn):

Insiders wonder if there is a chance the track might bend.
Insiders wonder if there is a chance the track might bend.


  1. Carrie

    The plan isn’t a horrible idea. I think it has some issues to be worked out (the slow speed), but the general idea is great. If you live and/or work in some of these areas, like I do, you know that it is not a very easily accessible area. My closest subway station is just about a mile away and buses are not always the most reliable forms of transportation. There needs to be a better way to get from queens down through Brooklyn along the water. So I am glad they are looking for a solution.

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