What would Aloe Blacc fans do with a dollar?

Photo via Aloe Blacc Myspace

Our shtick is straight-up Brooklyn here, but we took a field trip to Manhattan on Friday to watch Aloe Blacc‘s sold-out show at the Highline Ballroom. Why? Aside from the expected soul revival groupies and suited high rollers, we knew there’d be a fair share of like-minded, free-loving down-but-not-out folks like us there to hear Blacc’s lyrics of working class woes and beats catchy enough to make you forget about them. So in keeping with the theme of Blacc’s signature hit (and unofficial Brokelyn anthem) “I Need A Dollar” we found our Brooklyn brothers and sisters and asked them how they would spend their last precious George Washington.

Photos for Brokelyn by Lilly Frances

Amy, Carroll Gardens (second from right)
“If I had one dollar, I’d get a frozen drink at Zombie Hut. It’s normally $7 but if I could only pay for a dollar’s worth, I’d drink that and be happy.”

J.A., Fort Greene (left)
“With my last dollar, I’d probably buy a glass of Sauternes wine.”
Brokelyn: But you couldn’t get one for a dollar!
J.A.: “Ok, so I’d get down on my knees and sing.”

Aziz, Prospect Heights (left), Adrienne, Prospect Heights
: “I’d try to get a cup of coffee and beg for the other half.”
Aziz: “What I’d do with my last dollar… Buy an avocado!”

Joseph, Bed-Stuy
“I’d give it to a street musician in the subway.”

Vivian, Fort Greene
“Bike to Rockaway Beach and buy a taco.”

Karen, Melinda, Lizzie, Lindsay (L to R), all Williamsburg
: “I’d give my last dollar to Aloe Blacc”
Lizzie: “I’d give my last dollar to Lindsay.”
Melinda: “I’d give my last dollar to Lindsay too, so we’d have two dollars.”
Karen: “I’d give my dollar to someone who really needed it.”

Anthony, Canarsie; Shaniece, formerly Sheepshead Bay

Anthony: When I was in Japan with the armed services, I was waiting on my next paycheck and only had a dollar. So I went to the strip club and bought myself a lap dance.
Brokelyn: What would you do for a dollar, Shaniece?
Shaniece: “Give a homeless person a lap dance.”

Bobby, Bed Stuy (left)
“Take the ferry to Staten Island and figure out something to do with it there. Staten Island is pretty chill and it has good views.”

Albert, Williamsburg (left); Russell, Williamsburg
: “……What would I do for a dollar? I don’t know…
Brokelyn: Would you hop in a car with us?
Russell: “Oh, sure!”
Albert: “I’m really into Top Ramen recipes lately, so with my last dollar, I’d buy a package of Top Ramen.”

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