What in the red hell is going on in McGolrick Park?

McGolrik Park in calmer days. via Flickr user erin & camera
McGolrik Park in calmer days. via Flickr user erin & camera

Usually when people are bitching about rambunctious teenagers, it’s easy to write it off as complaints from old out of touch people. But now teens in Greenpoint’s McGolrick Park are making the troublemaking teens of the McCarren Park pool look like choir boys. How? Oh, just putting knives to the throats of dogs and SETTING FIRES. You kids keep it up and some mayoral candidate is gonna run on platform of eliminating summer break.

The Brooklyn Paper has the story of the teens, who quickly escalated from just dumping paint on the ground and tagging walls to setting fire to a maintenance building and assaulting people. By setting a fire in the maintenance building last week, the teens also made sure that the lights in the park weren’t working, which gives them the added advantage of doing their crimes in darkness. Even after burning a building, the kids weren’t done. Last Thursday, they put a knife to the throat of a dog that was being walked through the park, which is just foul.

The police have said they’re stepping up patrols in the park, but in the meantime, the teens, who one resident described as “a big group of strong kids who seem aggressive,” are free to cause more trouble. So maybe don’t hang out at McGolrick when exploring Greenpoint because the G train shutdown leaves you there.

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