The week in Broketown, 8/8-8/12

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The L: Mysterious, often missing, loves to take you to the upside down (Manhattan).

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The owner of Cardiff Giant told us about quitting his desk job to run a bar.

The Brooklyn Bazaar announced its comeback, in a huge new space.

We learned the most lucrative creative jobs in NYC still aren’t that highly paid.

We chugged coffee in excitement for this Gilmore Girls book club.

We took you on a Stranger Things inspired tour of Brooklyn.

The new web series Hikea gave strangers drugs and made them assemble furniture.

Cupping became the hot trend of the Olympics, and we showed you where to do it in Brooklyn.

We rounded up the best brunch deals in Bay Ridge.

We hit the jackpot with part 1 of our best pinball bars in Brooklyn roundup.

Our cartoonist introduced you to Captain Real America, the hero Brooklyn deserves.

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