Wednesday lunchtime links

The TLC says Uber drivers in New York are freelancers, not employees [Bloomberg]
Don’t donate your roommate’s fancy clothes to Goodwill without his consent [DNA Info]
Jacob deGrom. All-Star Game. 10 pitches. Three strikeouts. Jacob deGreat [Amazin’ Avenue]
Did the Spider-Man costume design actually come from a BK costume shop? Sure, why not! [Post]
Viral catcalling video star sues director, claims no money went to non-profit Hollaback! [Gawker]
The scene from a Union Square vigil calling for safer streets [Streetsblog]
Police unions had some bad shit to say about Eric Garner [CityLab]
Wanna be on MasterChef? Maybe you don’t, it sounds miserable [AV Club]
Park Slope has a bar crawl you should conquer before the year’s up [Esquire]

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