Wednesday lunchtime linkage

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So, was the R.A. Dickey trade worth it? A resounding maybe! [WSJ]
New Met Noah Syndegaard screwing up already [Gothamist]
Joe Lhota runs for mayor, hopes no ones notices fare hikes [CapitalNY]
You know, these fare hikes [NBC New York]
The war on over Christmas (trees) [The Atlantic]
The eternal war continues: disco versus hip hop [ANIMAL]
Check out this crazy eagle video! That eagle video you loved is fake! [The Awl]
Corporate America can have the following Instagram pics [Runnin’ Scared]
Hillbilly porn. Because everything else has been covered [NYO]
What in the red hell is going on at the Good Men Project [The Guardian]
MPDG Zooey Deschanel sings you a Christmas song [Stereogum]


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