Wednesday lunchtime linkage

Someone caused A train chaos by stealing a crapload of copper wire in Howard Beach [Gothamist]
Meet a Gilded Age billionaire who lived in Brooklyn because it was cheap, not cool [Atlas Obscura]
The challenge that led to a Messier-esque Game 6 from a Rangers center [New York Post]
Do you want your neighbor to be a pal or a mysterious stranger? [BrickUnderground]
The good Brooklyn native, presidential candidate Bernie Sanders can do by losing [The Guardian]
Scott Stringer says the city gives enough cash to the MTA as it is [WNYC]
Chuck Schumer is about to get pretty dang powerful, so learn all about him now [Observer]
You still can’t get a custom “pro-life” license plate in New York City [Runnin’ Scared]

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