Wednesday lunchtime linkage

Finally, Bushwick gets the gravitas it deserves [New Yorker]
Uber’s scheming on a thing – that’s sabotage! [The Verge]
Aaaand a fake cabbie tried to rape a woman [DNAInfo]
4th Avenue development marches on [Observer]
C-Sections can take a big cut of your budget [Billfold]
Seven years on and we’re still talking about the Sopranos [Decider]
Strange how 9 of the 10 best restaurants in Crown Heights opened in the past three years [VV]


  1. nycbrian

    Chavella’s used to be on Classon but moved to Franklin for more space. It’s still astounding, though, that 8/10 are new. I’ve been there over 8 years and can’t remember it ever being this much of a mecca for foodies.

    • Conal Darcy

      I knew someone would call me out on Chavella’s/Chavela’s.

      Since they altered their name, overhauled the menu, got new staff, moved to a space four times as large, and added a full bar (all in reaction to a drastically changing neighborhood), I count it as ‘new.’

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