Wednesday, help plan a poetic response to the Zimmerman verdict

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Are you willing and able? via Willing Participant

People have a lot of feelings about the George Zimmerman trial. Your Facebook feed is full of people calling his acquittal a crime, people saying it’s OK he was acquitted and people who are complete fucking assholes that are being judgey about people having opinions. If you want to speak out against the verdict, you’ve got a couple ways you can. You can go up to the Bronx tonight for a solidarity rally for starters. But if you want to stay a bit closer to home and react more artistically, poetry collective Willing Participant is planning a response of their own on Wednesday night.

Willing Participant is a group that plans “poetic responses to crazy shit that happens,” and considering the Zimmerman trial was crazy, this seems to be in their wheelhouse. What the group is going to do is unknown at this point, but they’ll be having a meeting on Wednesday night at 7pm at 50 Lefferts Avenue, Apartment 3B (Prospect Lefferts Gardens) to discuss what their response will be. If you want in, sign up for their maling list here and then shoot an email to info [AT]

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