Web service will turn your email into pretty letters for free

snail mail my email
This letter used to be an email, if you can believe it. via Instagram

Ever decide with a friend that you will be their pen pal and you promise to send the first letter, and then a week goes by, then a month, then a year or two… and oh my, does that make you a liar or a monster for not writing something down and putting a 49 cent stamp on it? Snail Mail My Email, an annual service founded by San Francisco artist Ivan Cash, assures you that you are a human with flaws and they are here to help you deliver your promise. With nothing but an email, you can use the service to send dozens of thank you cards, holiday greetings from 2013, letters to friends and that letter to your local precinct about an issue that matters to you after you voted in the election, and it’s all free.

For exactly one week beginning yesterday and running until November 16, Snail Mail My Email will handwrite and send beautiful letters to your intended recipients for free. You don’t need a stamp, nor do you need to take 5 minutes out of your break time to send it. All you have to do is email the name and mailing address of your intended recipient along with a message of up to 800 characters long, and SMME will transcribe and mail the letter.

Don’t miss the opportunity to send your friends a cool message in the mail, with no stamp or overexertion walking two blocks to your nearest post office required.

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