Keep giving to Sandy relief, just don’t give clothing

But good intentions! via Flying Squadron

The latest word from Sandy volunteers: don’t give us any more clothing. Turns out that all the clothing that everyone has been looking to get rid of is forcing volunteers to spend time sorting and storing it, instead of handing out supplies to people in need. The Brooklyn Paper spoke to people at the Red Hook Initiative, Beth Elohim in Park Slope and at Occupy Sandy’s Sunset Park hub, and everyone there told the same story: it’s awesome that people are coming by and willing to donate clothing, but they don’t need it anymore.

If you’ve got some winter gear that you don’t need, that’s one thing. But those jeans you haven’t worn in six years? That Cyrus promotional tank top you’ve got laying around? They really appreciate you sharing it, but at this point, bringing it to them just gums up the works.

The next time you’re collecting items for Sandy relief, make sure you see exactly what the organizations need.


  1. This is precisely _why_ the Red Cross and many other groups don’t take clothing. I wonder how many goodhearted folks who are trying to deal with these piles, once bitterly complained that their clothing donations weren’t accepted.

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