The Water Taxi will take you from DUMBO to Red Hook starting Tuesday

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IKEA, ahoy! (via Flickr user vauvau)

You know those giant floating taxis you see on the Hudson and East River and think, “Oh you tourist schmucks! Take the land taxi, it’ll get you there faster!” Well, aside from being a bit jaded, you’re not technically wrong. But what if we told you that the New York Water Taxi is rolling out a new “point-to-point” ferry system that’ll whisk you from DUMBO to Red Hook? Yeah, that’s right…RED HOOK. One of Brooklyn’s most beloved yet incomprehensibly difficult neighborhoods to get to could be a short ferry ride away. Go on, we’re listening.

The new initiative launches tomorrow, and will be a supplement to their all-day pass designed to get more New Yorkers in the sea-faring spirit. The ride will cost you $9, which is a steal compared to the $19 rate that predates it, and the schedule can be viewed on the New York Water Taxi site. In the winter the ferry will leave every 90 minutes starting at 10:50am and in the glorious spring and summer it will leave every 45 minutes also starting at 10:50am.

We figure a route from DUMBO to Red Hook will be especially popular, given that’s such a quick jaunt. Bonus points for running year round, but we figure this info will become especially useful once we’re able to feel our toes again.

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