Watch your elected officials hate on Walmart for 20 minutes

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Lest you think hating on Walmart is only for you and your composting, coop-shopping, organic underwear friends, watch this video from yesterday where NYC elected officials tick off the reasons they very much don’t want the hyper retailer in city limits, and what they plan to do to stop it. In the wake of the Walmart Mexico scandal, an all-star cast of NYC politicos gathered to voice their opposition, including Manhattan borough President Scott Stringer, former comptroller Bill Thompson, city council members, assembly members and public advocate Bill di Blasio, all vowing to fight the company’s attempts to get into the city (Brooklyn’s Jamaica Bay is being considered as a site, in case you forgot).

“This is a company that will stop at nothing to maximize its profit,” di Blasio says. “Whatever it is, Walmart’s done it.”

[via NYO]

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