Crown Heights

War! Where does Crown Heights end and Prospect Heights begin?

Crown Heights partisans strike a blow. via I Love Franklin Ave
Crown Heights partisans strike a blow. via I Love Franklin Ave

There’s nothing better than watching neighborhoods scrap over a block here or a block there. Now that people are pouring into Brooklyn like so much ketchup on a highway, you’ve got fights breaking out over what street belongs to what neighborhood. We’ve already had East Williamsburg firing shots delivering a petition to try to break away from Williamsburg, the horror of East Bushwick, and now a little further south, we’ve got the signs of conflict brewing between Crown Heights and Prospect Heights.

DNA Info talked to a number of residents and real estate experts who noted that a huge portion of Crown Heights had been swallowed up by Prospect Heights, mostly because no one could remember a riot happening in Prospect Heights. But after lying there and taking it for a number of years, Crown Heights is throwing punches of its own. Nothing has reached the petition stage yet, but Yelp has already given some land back to Crown Heights, moving their borders a few blocks west, hanging their heads and admitting, that their “boundaries were just wrong before.” DNA Info also noted that city planners said they’re powerless to put an official to stop people setting their own borders and boundaries to a neighborhood, so you can expect this fight to carry on through the streets and through misleading Craigslist apartment listings forever. Or until the next real estate downturn.


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