Want Tig Notaro to do comedy on your roof? Well, ask her

Tog Notaro: alive. via Facebook
Tog Notaro: alive. via Facebook

Got a roof or a yard or some kind of patch of land, and want to hold a performance on it? It’s a common impulse for people. The problem is you don’t just want any asshole showing up and performing. You want the best. Like say, a standup performance from a comedian who Louis CK said performed “one of the truly great, masterful standup sets” that he’d seen in his time. In that case, you’d want Tig Notaro performing on your roof, and now you can ask her to. Isn’t that nice of her?

Notaro, who turned cancer, getting dumped and losing her mother into a legendary comedy album called Live (like, the command to be alive) is filming a documentary for Showtime. As part of it, she’d like some footage of herself performing for audiences who dig her stuff, and she’s willing to come directly to you for it. So apply here, let her know what your “venue” is, who’s gonna show, and most importantly, why the hell you deserve her showing up, you lowly worm. Nah, we added the part about the lowly worm. If she likes the cut of your jib, she’ll show up and you can be the one casually ignored by her for the sake of comedy:

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